No No Bad Cats

we're cats. and we're bad. sometimes. bad, that is. we're cats all the time.

Friday, September 29, 2006


mom told us that in two weeks she's leaving us for 10 sleeps - ten people sleeps! she's never left us that long before. the cousin will be here to feed us, but even though she's mostly nice to us, she doesn't really LOVE us. we might actually miss mom, but we won't let her know that! she said she's going to belize and guatemala. we don't know where that is, but she'd better bring up something good to make up for being gone so long.

Monday, September 04, 2006

gramma and grampa

gramma and granpa camed to visit this weekend. and this time i didn't even hide all the time unner mommy's bed. i letted grandpa feed me greenies treatsies! mommy sed she waz very prowd of me for being such a good boy!


i alwayz like it when gramma an grandpa comes to visit becawse grandpa pets me and gives me treats. and gramma pets me and tells me how beyootiful i am! granmma bought me a toy too! it has feathers on both ends and it rattles! there were two in the pakage so i can share wif my brudder.