No No Bad Cats

we're cats. and we're bad. sometimes. bad, that is. we're cats all the time.

Monday, March 20, 2006

while mom's away, the cats will play

mom went away and left us with The Cousin for five whole days. she's never been gone that long before, but she said she went to somewhere called austin for somefing called south by southwest. she said she always goes, every year, but wasn't it good that we had The Cousin here to feed us and play with us. we missed mom, but we're not tellin' her that. 'stead we pretends we're mad at her for leavin' us here. bandit sez we've pretended long enough, but i sez we needs to keep at it for a few more days so she knows we mean business and doesn't go away again.

maybe we can be a little nice, though, cuz she came back sick again and now she can't sleep cuz she's coffin so much. mom says she feels so bad she'd almost rather be in a coffin than coffin, but we didn't get it. i guess we can be just a little nice, but just for a little bit.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

the cat who came before

it's me, bat. mommy says before i tell you about me, i should tell you about the cat who came before.

exactly a year ago today, mommy had to help the cat who came before me & bandit cross the bridge. he was her very bestest friend for seven years. he was a very special cat. for the last year he was with mommy he was a sugar cat. that means he had somfin called diabetes. he had to get shots twice every day, and in between had to get his ear poked, too, so mommy could check his blood to make sure his medicine was working. he sure didn't like to get his ear poked, mommy says, but he was very very good for his shots. mommy says i look just like scruffy, 'xcept my head is smaller, and he had a dirty spot next to his nose and a torn ear from before he came to live with mommy. anyway, scruffy got very sick after he became a sugar cat with something mom calls dka. the first time, even though he was very very sick and mommy was very very scared, he got better. but he kept getting dka, and getting sicker and sicker. and even though it made mommy the saddest ever, mommy talked to the vet, where everybody knew him and loved on him, when he had to go the last time he got sick, and the vet talked to mommy about how sick scruffy was and how he might get better for a little while but would just keep getting sicker and sicker. mommy said that at the vet scruffy was in a big wire cage and she crawled in with him and closed the door and held scruffy and cried and cried telling him how much she loved him. the next morning, mommy's parents drove all the way to houston and they all went to the vet and said goodbye to scruffy. mommy held scruffy while the vet gave him a shot to make him go to sleep forever. then mommy's dad dug a hole in the backyard of our house, and they put scruffy in there and covered him up and said a prayer and nice things about him.

mommy tells us about scruffy a lot, and sometimes, when she's really tired or sad, she forgets and calls me scruffy. but that's okay. bandit and i try to cheer her up and tell her we love her. and i don't mind if she sometimes calls me by his name, because she loved him very much.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

hi! we're bat (i'm the tabby) and bandit (i'm the tuxie). this is our new blog.