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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my valentine for luna

a valentine's day (questionable) miracle

remember our christmas miracle? well, it appears that the christmas miracle is going to give us a valentine's day miracle. ever since holly was let out of her kennel and given free run of the house, we haven't seen much of her. she's getting less afraid, though, so last night i got to spend more than 30 seconds in the same room with her. instead of running from me, or even scampering quickly, she sauntered by. this gave me enough time to see, quite clearly, that little miss holly isn't quite so little anymore. in fact, she appears to be "with kittens." tonight we tried our best to capture her so we could go to the vet tomorrow to confirm (or, better yet, deny) this suspicion. sadly, she was quite ferocious in her avoidance of our manuevers and is back to hiding in this hole by our dishwasher.

obviously, my first goal is to get her out of this hole and get her back into her kennel, which is a much safer place for her to birth her kittens. given the date i got her and the fact that she couldn't have gotten pregnant from either of my neutered boys, sometime in the next 12 days we should have a houseful of kittens. since i've never had a pregnant cat nor even witnessed the birth of kittens, if anyone has any advice, i'd be delighted to hear it!

the mom (and grandmom-to-be!)

Monday, February 12, 2007

I asked a girlcat to be my valentine!

today i read in skeezix's blog that luna didn't have a valentine yet, so i went to her blog and asked her if she would be MY valentine. I even asked her in Spanish. My Spanish isn't very good, though, so I hope she understands what I said.