No No Bad Cats

we're cats. and we're bad. sometimes. bad, that is. we're cats all the time.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

i love my new sister

hi. it's me, bat. mom said i could blog about holly today so that everycat could know how she's doing. last week mom took holly to the vet. when the vet examined her, she found a big big big deep deep deep wound at the base of holly's tail! it was infected! the vet shaved some of holly''s fur off and cleaned the wound up really good and told mommy she had to give holly some medicine twice a day for ten whole days! that's a really long time. holly doesn't like her medicine AT ALL! it smells and tastes like bananas! so everytime mommy goes to get holly out of her kennel to give her medicine, holly fights and scratches and hisses and growls. yesterday holly was so bad that mommy couldn't give her any medicine at all! this afternoon mommy went to get holly out for medicine, but holly was not a nice girl and tried to claw mommy in the face and got a big scratch on mommy's hand! so mommy left the door to the kennel open and just sat on the floor and talked to holly. i went and laid down right next to the kennel and tried to pet holly through the cage. i love her and want her to be my friend. and do you know what happened then? you'll never ever ever guess! holly started purring! mommy says she couldn't believe her ears! later mommy was able to give holly some more medicine, but mommy says there has to be one more time of medicine, then holly can come out of her kennel and play with us! yay! i'm so excited!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

heh heh heh

hey. it's me, holly. boy, do i sure have the beans in this house fooled. the one that keeps saying she's my new mommy is the worst. she keeps calling me "little miss holly" and saying all sorts of things in this syrupy voice. things like "you're mommy's sweet little girl." and she coos at me. seriously! what's a street cat gotta do around here, anyway? the other bean, the cousin, comes in to try to pet me when the new mom's gone. i hiss and flatten my ears back. i do that to the new mom, too, 'cause she's got to learn who's the boss. that's me, just in case you weren't certain.

for the last couple of days, ever since i stopped being totally docile and started hissing at the new mom, she's started calling me "holly golightly." she says it's from some movie. she says she's calling me that because in the movie, holly golightly pretended not to care about people because she was afraid of getting hurt. the new mom says that i really do want to love her and that i want her to love me, too, but i'm scared because i was hurt and because i used to be a street cat. hmmpphh. we'll see about that!